Message updated 4-6-2020 12:00PM
BUSINESS HOURS April 6 - April 10 CLOSED Only report to work if you are called to come in. We received a special designation from NYS to support gun and transportation service related items. T&L applied for a federal SBA loan as part of the Paycheck Protection Program. More information will be provided when the government starts to accept applications. Recent news from the automotive industry: * New Auto Industry Startup Target for U.S., Canada: Early May If you are scheduled to work, but show any signs of COVID-19, or come into contact with someone who has COVID-19, do not report to work. Please text the attendance email at Please include your name and a valid phone # in the text, in case we need to reach you. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL EMPLOYEES Jessica in HR will be available between 9:00 AM-1:00 PM on Monday and Tuesday during the week of April 6th. For questions outside of those days/hours, please call or text Jessica at (585) 474-3221. If you were previously in a shared work program and are now temporarily furloughed, you will need to call shared work at (518) 485-6375 to close out your shared work claim in order to submit a new unemployment claim. To submit an unemployment claim, please go to If you are filing a new unemployment insurance claim, the day you should apply is based on the first letter of your last name. A - F file on Monday | G - N file on Tuesday | O - Z file on Wednesday Missed your day? File on Thurs-Fri-Sat If you receive an error when submitting a claim online, please call unemployment at 1-888-209-8124 for assistance. We understand the unemployment process can be frustrating. Due to enormous volume there will be considerable wait time. Please be patient and keep trying to submit your claim. Approved claims will be backdated to the date you became temporarily furloughed and you will be paid for all unemployment benefits due. Thank you for your support and understanding during this difficult time. Please stay safe and healthy and continue to follow New York State’s Executive Order and the CDC’s guidelines on preventing the spread of the virus. To sign up for Shared Work unemployment benefits go to Be safe and check the website for updates every day. Thank you for your commitment to T&L.